Champagne Bars

The Perfect Champagne Bar

This would be the best choice for a toast or for a large amount of filled glasses to accommodate several people at once. Beautiful selections of Champagne, Spumanti, sparkling wines or even sparkling juices are available. Served with class in a tall champagne flute. Your guests will always appreciate a glass of champagne as they arrive to the party. 

The Ultimate Champagne Bar

Step it up a notch and delight your guests with several choices of fine Champagnes, Asti Spumanti or sparkling wines. The Bar's Open can set up a champagne bar at your events and guests can order a glass flute filled with their favorite "bubbly". Go ahead -- Indulge! Your guests will love it. 

The Extravagant Champagne Bar

The Bar's Open will provide ladies and gentlemen to serve beautiful flutes of the finest champagnes and sparkling wines to your delighted guests. From Martini and Rossi to Perrier-Jouet to Dom Perignon, this is the champagne bar choice for the privileged and decadent. Prices depend on champagne brands and are available upon request.

Additional charges on Champagne Bars may apply.