Theme Parties/Ice

Theme Parties/Ice Sculptures

If you have an idea, The Bar's Open can make it a party! Let us run with your theme and supply special cocktails to go along with it. Mardi Gras, Mexican, Tuscan, Las Vegas, New York. We can't wait to tell you about the Russian Theme Party. Your imagination and the sky is the limit. Let The Bar's Open help you plan your next theme party. Whether it's for a graduation, birthday, retirement, wedding, reunion, or any other occasion, we can help.

The Bar's Open can coordinate with Jeff Addison, one of the country's finest ice artists, to create a bar made completely out of ice or imagine your guest's delight as they walk up to order a glass of champagne and the bottle is chilling in a champagne bucket made out of ice. The bars and additional ice carvings are beautiful and elegant. Prices are available upon request.

Ice Sculptures by Jeff Addison