Cash Bar/Host Bar

Make your party an event with a cash bar!



Guests buy their own drinks. 

There is a minimum on cash bars.  Please call us as minimums change.  

 (Set-up charges apply at certain venues.)

Bartender charges will apply.  Please inquire

If the minimum is not met then the Host/Hostess will pay the difference             

We use only top shelf brands giving your guests a variety of choices at a reasonable cost.  


 Host will pay for all drinks and there will be no charge to your guests (A minimum applies).

 Available options are:

Per Drink — pricing will be same as Cash Bar and host will pay entire tab

Pricing Tiers Include:

  • Beer, Wine and Well Bar

  • Beer, Wine, Well/Call Bar

  • Beer, Wine, Well/Call/Premium Bar

  • A standard 20% gratuity will be added to host bars

We make it easy and affordable to have a complete bar at your event!

Call today - 316-722-4227 or 316-803-2441

 *selections vary based on pricing and availability