Cocktail Trends

Cocktail Trends

Every year it seems as though the cocktail of choice changes. Of course you can always depend on men to typically drink beer and bourbon but the trends at local parties are changing. Again. A couple years ago, Rum and Coke was a big one. Now Gin and Tonic is taking it's place. Remember when Mojito's were the rage? Well, not so much any more. Read on for a list of popular drinks at the local watering holes.

If you want to be a hit at your next party, here are some things that will get your guests' attention.

Have plenty of gin -- the original martini is back. Gin and Tonic with a lime is popular again too. Add a little olive juice to that martini for a "dirty" version. Very popular. Always buy the most expensive bottle that you can afford. It really does make a difference.

Vodka's huge again - also for Martinis. See our recipe for the perfect vodka martini. Try a Martini Bar at your next party. Imagine your guest's delight if they could order a martini of their choice at your event! Cosmopolitans, Dirty Martinis, Apple Martinis, Chocolate Martinis, etc. The list goes on and The Bar's Open can provide an incredible Martini Bar.

Wine - the choices are endless. Everyone is enjoying wine again and there's a flavor and price for everyone. Unlike vodka where I'd recommend the best you can afford, with wines, you can get some great ones for a very reasonable price. Have a wine bar or wine tasting at your next party. The Bar's Open can do that too! Let us bring a variety of wines and glasses and surprise your guest's pallets. Chardonnay, Merlot, Burgundy, Zinfandel, Rhine, Pinot Noir...the list is endless. Wine is and always has been a great icebreaker. Start any event with a wine tasting bar.

Champagne - The Bar's Open can bring champagne, glasses and the servers to your party. Have a champagne bar or a champagne toast in beautiful tall glasses. We can supply several different champagnes. A taste for everyone. Sweet, dry, understand. Try mixing different liquors or juices to champagne. A whole new look and endless variations. My favorite: A Spumanti with concorde grape juice. You'll love it!

Whatever you decide to do at your next party, make it fun. Make it different. It's time to make cocktails fun again!